Interview with Vincent J. Noordman about Terra-Vac

 Improved pasture and stall management with Terra-Vac.
“Every year we use tons of products for deworming our horses, donkeys, llamas, alpacas, etc. while  80% of the worm population is not in the animal itself but in the grass”,  says Vincent Noordman, founder of Terra-Vac Europe and Importer of Terra-Vac machinery.

It is logical to suppress the worms and keep them out of the digestive system. Traditionally horses get treatments for deworming every 6 to 8 weeks and increases the risk of resistance development. The horses and other animals must be given the opportunity to develop their natural immunity to worms themselves.
The successful sweeping and suction machines from Terra-Vac remove the manure directly from the grass and therefore worm infection occurs to a much smaller extent.
Using Terra-Vac machines:
– reduces  deworming treatments from four to one or two per year
– make sure that the danger of resistance no longer occurs.

Working with Terra-Vac machines saves you time and money and improves the health and condition of your horses!

For over 30 years Terra-Vac is market leader in in green maintenance, especially for the horse sector.  The Terra-Vac Sweeper removes manure, dead grass and moss and improves grass quality.
The Terra-Vac suction machines  clean up horse manure in meadows and boxes and are equipped with wander hoses of 16, 20 or 30cm.

For service and maintenance of the Terra-Vac machines we work exclusively with the New Holland service network.

For further information please contact Vincent Noordman.

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