Vincent Noordman has different business activities:
– Terra-Vac Europe imports and distributes machines to mechanize the green sector
– Immocommerce selling castle appartments, tourist commercial and equestrian real estate
– Terra Commerce Trade maintaining direct contacts with manufacturers and set up dealer networks for them.

The working area of Terra-Vac Europe and Terra Commerce is Central Europe and Scandinavia, for Immocommerce especially France and to a lesser extent the Benelux and Germany.

Each business activity has its own website:
– Terra-Vac Europe can be found through
– Terracommerce Trade can be found through

Terra Commerce has a internal market place for new and second hand machineseries, tractors and loaders for the green sector and equestrian properties. Our main dealer in Flanders shows the total offer on his website; you can log in on his website after we have given you a code. You will find a range of hundreds of tractors, green maintenance machinery, agricultural vehicles etc.

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